Preschool Dance Classes


Dance With Me

AGES 18 MOS. - 2.5

This is an interactive parent (or adult friend) and toddler class, where the adult will help the little dancer by guiding them through the movements of dance class. We have fun playing, skipping, stretching, singing, tumbling, and of course, DANCING!

Students will learn basic dance movements while developing cognitive skills. During this class colors, numbers, and dance terminology will be introduced and applied to weekly lessons.

Students ages 18 months – 2.5 yrs old may enroll and must be accompanied by an adult. The participating adult is expected to be consistent throughout the season. What a wonderful way to bond with your little one!

Preschool Ballet CLasses

AGES 3-4

These classes use the basics of ballet and creative dance to develop/increase coordination, body awareness, and rhythm. This is an introductory technique-based class focusing on developing independence and acclimating to a dance setting.

We use a monthly theme system that allows students to learn dances, songs, and steps associated with the theme of the month! During this class educational activities including counting numbers, identifying colors, learning dance terminology, and following the leader are introduced during weekly lessons. Students will develop social skills, structure and self confidence.

Preschoolers learn the best when they are having fun, and we are having lots of it in these classes.


Preschool Jazz Classes

AGES 3-4

These classes run on the same monthly theme system as our preschool ballet. This is a fast-paced introductory technique class focusing on isolations of the body.

There is a stronger emphasis on technique, memorization of patterns and expressions by use of props and playful music! These classes begin to prepare children for the grade school classes.

Preschool Tap Dance Classes

AGES 3-4

These classes run on the same monthly theme system as our preschool ballet. Students focus on rhythm, musicality, and timing. Preschool tap is an introductory class focusing on the fundamental skills in tap dance and body placement. And what kid doesn’t like to make a bunch of noise? All in fun, students will be able to learn dance routines while making all the noise they want with their shoes.

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